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rvaStarted in 2006, ScribNet provided computer and network solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the greater Los Angeles area.   And now, ScribNet is excited to bring that big city experience back to the Richmond area.   We are well versed in both Windows and Apple environments and work with a wide range of industries, supporting numerous industry specific applications such as Quickbooks, Timeslips, Legal Solutions and Datafaction.  We are highly skilled at working in unknown networks and figuring out where issues are occurring. 

With our skillset, it is probably easier to tell you what we don’t do: programming, cabling or webpage design. We can help connect you to resources that handle these areas of expertise.

ScribNet – Knowledge for your networking needs.



DOES my company need a server?
Not every company has needs that require a dedicated server. Usually smaller businesses can make use of NAS (Network Attached Storage) or cloud options. Of course, as your business grows, your computing needs will as well and in many cases the ROI of an in-house server just makes sense. We are happy to sit down with our clients and help design the solution that fits their needs.
Should my company move to the cloud?
Most consultants will tell you yes, but the actual answer is, it depends. How much data do you have, what is your budget, how many employees does your company have? All these things determine if the cloud is the right place for you. In many cases, it makes sense to move some applications but still keep some services local. ScribNet would be happy to sit down and help you make an informed decision that is right for your business.
Why is it important to back-up my data?
For most businesses, their most important asset is their data. Data back-ups can be lifesavers in the case of a catastrophe (Fire, Flood, Earthquake), Hardware failure or just accidental deletion. You can sleep easier knowing that your data is safe and sound.
Why is anti-virus critically important?
After data backups, having quality, properly configured anti-virus is next most important thing for businesses to have. Instances of malware, ransomware and viruses seem to be increasing exponentially. What better first line of defense than having the software that can stop problems BEFORE they get into your network. A properly, centrally managed anti-virus can give you real time updates and keep your system healthy, all without having to depend on your employees to perform updates and regular scans – everything can be automated.
What is the typical life span for a PC?
Computer processing power doubles every three years and software developers create their applications to take advantage of the newer resources. After four to five years, that PC will start to feel sluggish when placed next to a newer PC running the same software. You’ll have happier, more productive employees if they aren’t waiting for old computers to do their job.